4 Inventive Nail Salon Names: Why is This Important?

4 Inventive Nail Salon Names: Why is This Important?

The name of your nail salon is often the first thing somebody will know about your business, and for this reason it needs to serve several purposes. If we’re talking public relations, the name of the business is an important brand touch point.

Firstly, the name needs to be memorable. Yes, people have their phones to hand and can make a note, but when the salon comes up in idle chit chat they may not think to do that. When people are talking about your nail salon, it’s important that people remember the name but it’s as important that it won’t be confused with another salon with a similar name, otherwise you’ll become your competitors’ best marketing asset.

Secondly, it can work wonders if your name is creative and invokes a certain reaction from people, even if that is a look of surprise. In many cases, people choose humour and in other cases, phrases with double meanings are used. Either way, we’ve all at some point thought “oh, that’s clever” about a brand, and you probably still remember which one it was.

Here are some nail salon names that we’ve found online that have hit the creativity ‘nail’ on the head:

1. Get Tipsy

Tips...nail tips...you get it now, right?

2. This Little Piggy Nail Salon

A clever play on the nursery rhyme that everybody has heard of. Nobody is going to hear this and just write it down without a funny look.

3. Finailly

You have to be careful when you say this, as it’s not a real word and if you’re texting this name to people, good luck battling autocorrect.

4. You’ve Got Nail

Perhaps the younger generation won’t get the film reference, so maybe this is a place exclusively for those who remember what life was like without an iPad.

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  • Ben Young