A Commentary: How to Add Another Nail Service to Your Treatment Menu

A Commentary: How to Add Another Nail Service to Your Treatment Menu

See the original content written by Kat Hill here: https://www.scratchmagazine.co.uk/feature/how-to-add-another-nail-service-to-your-treatment-menu/

We took a look at Liz Richards’ comments in the article, and thought we could add some of our own advice.

Liz is absolutely right that you really do need to understand your target audience to know how they’re going to react to a new salon menu or product. This could involve talking to regular customers, researching comments shared online and even looking at the social media accounts of influencers. Going even further, there’s nothing stopping you creating a customer survey that seeks opinions and can be a great source of insightful information.

There’s some great advice in the post for how these conversations with customers can begin. You can share information by asking questions. When these questions lead to the customer talking about an issue or concern that is addressed by a new product, you gain a great opportunity to mention what’s available and hear the immediate reaction from the customer.

You can look outside your company and customer base too. Think about what your competition is doing. Step back and spend some time thinking about how you can do it better. What is the competitors’ strategy? What’s the one thing you can do to stand out from them?

The post mentions how important it is to ensure your team have completed the specific manufacturer training. It’s natural to focus on how customers are going to receive a new product, but it could be brand new concept for your nail technicians too. It won’t be at all good for your reputation if there’s a failure in the application of a new product.

Launching a new product needs to be a big deal and having a promotional launch plan in place is essential so that the new menu interests existing customers and attracts new ones. The use of social media platforms can be a great place to start. Using impressive imagery alongside helpful comments can stand out in people’s social media feeds. Engaging with people at this stage also gives you the opportunity to market to the same audience in the future too.

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  • Ben Young