Can I Get My Nails Done During Pregnancy?

Can I Get My Nails Done During Pregnancy?

Can you get your nails done whilst pregnant? It's a fairly simple 'yes'. But it's worth keeping a few things in mind.

There isn't any research that has shown any risk in pregnancy for those having nails done (assuming you don't work in the salon). However, some concerns relate to the solvent fumes which will typically be present in a nail salon as we're all very aware. So when your client walks in with their bump forcing them to stand two feet further away from the counter than normal, it could be worth mentioning that they might be a little bit more sensitive to the fumes than normal and this is to be expected whilst pregnant. Of course, if they start to feel nauseated or get a headache, then it's time to get them into some fresh air, a glass of water and keep your eye on them until they feel better.

Keeping the nail salon well ventilated is normal practice anyway, but some adjustments to how you look after somebody who is pregnant such as sitting them close to an open window or paying attention to how they're feeling can go a long way, and it's great customer service too. Everybody likes to feel that you're taking their actual needs into account.

Skin can behave differently in pregnancy too. It's not uncommon for skin to become irritated or sore during pregnancy when exposed to certain chemicals that would otherwise not have irritated them pre-bump. You're looking out for redness or other changes to the skin when working on nails. You might want to mention this to the client too, then you can discuss their options if they don't like that sound of that.

There are also some extremely serious societal concerns surrounding pregnancy. Women have a right to sit down and feel lovely whilst pregnant. They deserve to be pampered and have their mind taken away from the watermelon they're carrying around inside and those cravings for mustard-covered ice lollies (yes, that's a bit extreme, we know, but it's our blog).

But seriously, staying relaxed during pregnancy is essential for the health of baby and mother and for those who enjoy the nail salon experience it's something that won't go away during pregnancy. Just be aware of the risks, keep people informed and use your judgement and you probably won't go wrong.

Now, just for good measure, this isn't medical advice. We're great at choosing 12 complimentary gel polish colours and showing you how to make them look wonderful but our knowledge falls short when it comes down to performing brain surgery. If in doubt, seek medical advice from a professional.

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  • Ben Young