How To Achieve The Best Gel Polish Manicure

How To Achieve The Best Gel Polish Manicure

We all know how important it is to keep our nails looking immaculate at all times. No one wants to be seen with a chipped manicure or broken nails hanging off! Keep reading to find out how to achieve the best gel polish manicure using the best gel polish products.

Prep the nail.

It is extremely important to prepare your nail in order to apply a gel polish manicure or pedicure. This step is vital in ensuring your gel nails will last as long as possible with no lifting or peeling. To prep your nails simply file your nails to your desired shape and then buff over the nail to create a rough base for the gel polish to stick to.

Apply the gel polish.

To get the best gel polish manicure it is important to ensure you do not apply too much or too little of the gel. Too much and your gel manicure will look thick and gloopy and too little and you may not receive the pigmented look you are wanting to achieve. Ensure you apply two coats of gel polish and cure between each coat.

Use a gel top coat.

To ensure your gel polish retains its colour and stays on for as long as possible, make sure to apply either a non-wipe gel top coat or a matte gel top coat or even just a standard gel top coat, which you will have to wipe with a lint-free sponge afterwards to get rid of the tacky residue.

Massage a cuticle oil over the cuticles.

To ensure a healthy nail bed and growth stimulation it is important to massage a cuticle oil into the cuticles. This promotes healthy growth and maintains the cuticles ensuring no damage to the nails.

Remove with acetone. 

Be careful when removing a gel manicure or pedicure, if it is ripped or peeled off this could damage the nails, which is the last thing you want! Be sure to soak your nails in acetone until this solution has lifted the gel from the nail making it easy to pull away from the nail without damaging.

Only use the best gel polish products. 

A final note we would like to finish on is to remind you to only use the highest quality and best gel polish products on the market to ensure no damage is done to your natural nails. Many high-quality gel products are at an affordable price range including the likes of LeChat, Gelica and Kiara Sky. Don’t risk the health of your nails for a bad quality product!

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  • Megan Taylor