The Mobile Nail Salon - Could it Be a Growth Market?

The Mobile Nail Salon - Could it Be a Growth Market?

There’s one thing that most people tend to have less of today, time. In part due to this, industries from hairdressing through to car repairs have developed mobile alternatives to the traditional service provision. With the general growing popularity of nail services, the mobile nail technician is becoming increasingly popular too.

If a growth market of this kind is to be fostered in the nail industry, it’s important to look at how the service works from both the customers’ point of view and from the technicians' viewpoint.

Mobile vs Salon Technician

It’s fundamental that there needs to be an awareness of what elements of the service a customer is willing to forego to benefit from a service that comes to your front door.

Can the same level of service be offered in mobile format as can be delivered at a fully equipped nail salon? Portable equipment such as an appropriate table and chair are relatively easy to obtain and can comfortably be transported by car to wherever the nail technician needs to be. Whilst the nail technician won’t be able to carry every single nail polish colour or product variation in their car, a large selection can still be held. Other pieces of essential nail equipment can be carried very easily too.

The skill in being a nail technician isn’t just in the application of nail polish but also in being able to recommend and advise the customer on which designs may work well for their skin tone or even suggest something for an upcoming event such as a wedding. In this regard, a customer can reap just as much benefit regardless of location. For some customers, getting to the nail salon can be very inconvenient or impossible so a mobile service is essential.

Entering the Market

Being a mobile nail technician commands a similar skillset as that of a technician in the salon so there’s plenty of scope for those who currently work in the industry to move between providing an in-salon and mobile service.

Whilst there is an initial outlay for the equipment in order to become ‘mobile’, the cost of entry to the market is lower for those offering a mobile nail service as there is no need for premises, furniture and other similar costs. This makes it an attractive option for those starting out in the industry or looking to begin their own venture having worked in a salon before.

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  • Ben Young