Using the right Nail Treatment Products.

Using the right Nail Treatment Products.

Is there anything better than having nice new fresh nails? Yes! Having healthy nails is much more important.  Which is why its so important to be using the right Nail Treatment Products.

How not to damage your nails.

Firstly, we recommend NEVER to simply pick off your gel polish.  We’ve all been there in front of the T.V watching our favourite programme, engrossed in a good movie.  Then at some point we’ve maybe had a little go at picking our nails. Sometimes without even knowing it!  We all know this isn’t good for our nails. When you pick/peel the gel off it also removes the first and sometimes the 2nd layer of the nail with it. This is how the nail becomes weaker and damaged. And we don’t want that!

Seeking help from a professional nail technician

We recommend visiting a professional nail salon to have your gels or acrylics removed. A fully trained, professional nail technician will know all about nail essentials. They will perform the task with expert care and dexterity. First, they will buff the top surface of the gel to break the seal, this will mean the acetone will penetrate deeper into the nail which aids the removal process massively. Next they will put a cotton pad soaked in acetone onto the nails and wrap it up with tin foil. The tin foil helps speed up the process by generating a lovely warm and soothing heat. It is left on for a minimum of ten minutes. Time to relax and think about your plans for the weekend.

The nail care process

Nine times out of ten you’ll find that once the foil and the cotton pad is removed the gel polish has all peeled off naturally. However that’s not always the case. Sometimes there will be remaining polish which is a little bit more stubborn; this is when the nail technician will use a cuticle pusher. By gently gliding it over the remaining parts of gel, this usually encourages the any remaining bits to peel off.  This should never hurt or feel like its pulling at the nail as that is when the damage can happen. If the gel is not budging, the nail technician usually rewraps the nail and leaves it for a few more minutes. This process is repeated until all of the gel is removed.

Maintaining healthy nails

The nails should be looking undamaged but slightly dry after this process.  This is due to the acetone.  Here at Revolution Nail Supplies, we recommend applying nail cuticle oil on a daily basis. This will also help with health and strength. Maintaining your nails and keeping them healthy is very important especially when you decide to have a break from gel polish. We want our nails to look tip top and in the best shape possible, after all, you never know who you might meet!  

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