Wedding Nails for Spring Brides

Wedding Nails for Spring Brides

When your big day is coming up, you want every little thing to be perfect. From your specially-chosen wedding shoes, to the hair accessories for you and your bridesmaids, everything has to be just so; and this includes your nails! Here are our top tips for your wedding nails for Spring brides.

Wedding Nails for Spring Brides

If you are having a Spring wedding, then you'll want to choose the best Spring nails designs for your special day. 

Colour Scheme

An obvious and easy choice for bridal nails is to match your wedding colour scheme.

Pick one colour from your scheme and give each nail a good couple of coats and a top varnish, so you won’t have to worry about chipped nails on the big day.

If you have a mix of bold and subtle colours, such as dusty pink, gold and burgundy, you might want to incorporate all three into your nail art.

This will take a bit more work, but the effect could be tripled!

French Manicure

The classic choice for traditional brides. The French manicure looks elegant and is very easy to do.

You can either have them done to your natural nails or have fake nails for the big day instead.

You may worry that is could be a bit too subtle on your wedding day, but there’s no reason you can add a little touch of sparkle, with a Swarovski Nail Art Crystal on your ring finger nail.

Glitter Tips

Many modern wedding dresses come their own touch of bling, so why not get your nail art to match?

Using a colour from your colour scheme as a base, you can then add sparkle to each tip with a coating of glitter polish.

Try to match the glitter shade to your base colour; so warm colours like yellow and red should be pared with gold glitter, while cool colours like blue and purple so go for silver.

Nude with Bling

Nude nails are very elegant and subtle and are perfect for brides who don’t want to go over the top.

However, your wedding day is the one day of your life that you can branch out a bit with your normal style and an easy way to do this is with your nails.

Apply a nude base coat and then, once dry, add a crystal design to each nail, or one nail on each hand.

Flower Pattern

Flowers play a big part in most weddings and you can tie them into your nail designs if you want.

Keeping most of your nails plain, you can add floral detailing to one or two nails on each hand. It look especially good if you match your nail flowers to your real flowers, so paint roses if you have them in your wedding.

Alternatively, you can also paint lace patterns if you’ve gone for a wedding dress with lace detailing.

Metallic Finish

Although Spring is associated with pastel colours and soft shades, that doesn’t mean you should avoid making a bold statement with your nail art.

Gold and silver make for terrific nail designs in Spring, helping to reflect light and make your nails sparkle in every photo!

You can choose to add metallic finish to just the tips of your nails, or go for an all over coat for an eye-catching effect.

So there you go, 6 gorgeous nail designs for Spring brides! Let us know if you treated yourself to a special manicure for your big day and send us a photo!

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