What Nail Polish Colour Should I Wear with my Skin Tone?

What Nail Polish Colour Should I Wear with my Skin Tone?

Sometimes you just have to give it a try. Sometimes you have to get scientific. Nail polish colours interact with the skin tones that they lie next to so the appearance of one particular design and colour combination on one person may very well look very different on another. Instead of looking at this as another conundrum to solve, it's actually a great opportunity to experiment and line up some guinea pigs (read: colleagues) and get the nail polish out so your customers don't become victims of your curiosity (read: intellect).

So, let's talk about contrast. Contrast, in this context, refers to how two colours appear differently when placed next to each other. An obvious example is black and white, but we can be more creative than that can't we. You'll have experience of this when matching colours together but then adding another element of colour, the wearer's skin tone, it makes the whole process a bit more exciting.

Which nail polish looks best on pale skin?

With pale skin tones, lighter shades with elements of blue or pink can work really well. Striking colours are likely to stand out and you'll have to experiment with how prominent you think your client wants their nails to appear if you want to pull off designs with bright colours next to pale skin.

Which nail polish colour is best for dark skin?

With dark skin, rich and deep shades tend to look impressive. It might be a burgundy or a vibrant purple that really makes the design noticeable. But knowing this means you also know what to suggest if the client really wants something that stands out.

What nail polish colour makes you look tanned?

This is where it can get interesting when you're somewhere near the middle of the spectrum and none of the above rules apply. So the best thing to do is head off for a week in Spain, and when you come back your skin colour will more than likely be darker than when you left. If it isn't, then you'll need to repeat the process and jump back on a plane and try again. It's all in the name of research, but you have to commit, (you want people to think you're committed, don't you?). Rest assured your clients will be very happy that you saved them all that hassle of lounging around on the beach just so you could experiment with different skin tones on yourself.

In summary, you'll need to experiment and make a judgement call based on what you see. Email us today with your preferred holiday dates this Summer and we'll jig some things around so we can come along, we don't mind.

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  • Ben Young